How to add links to your Twitter Videos

Video is an amazing method of communication. As a brand you can communicate your product or service and what you provide. As an influencer or internet personality, you are able to show your authentic self and show the non verbal aspects of your communication.

Why use Twitter videos?

Using Twitter's native video features can dramatically increase post engagement rather than simply linking to a YouTube video or a blog post.

Linking YouTube videos can be good, for example:

However, Twitter could be used to its fullest potential and people could be staying within Twitter to view a snippet or even the full video of your content.

I noticed this being done when I saw popular content creator Danny Gonzalez use the method on his videos. As you can see there is a link that says "Watch now on YouTube".

The engagement comparison in these two tweets.

How do I add a link to my Twitter Videos?

Simply follow these 5 steps.

1. Open Twitter Ads on a desktop browser.

2. Open the Twitter Media Center under your Creatives tab.

3. Upload your Video by pressing the "Upload Media" button.

4. Edit the metadata and add your call to action link by pressing on the file name.

5. Press done and then you are ready to Tweet your video attached with a link!

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