3 Reasons Why We Serve Schools

As one of the leaders in a company just starting to gain traction, it is essential to communicate WHY we do what we do.

From the start of A+ our priority has been to work with district administrators and principals that share the same vision for students as we do. If you are looking to partner with A+, and any of the following points below apply to you, we’re most likely going to be a great fit.


1. We believe that engaged students are growing students.

Every 9 seconds a student drops out of school. By the time a student is 21 years old, they will spend 10,000 hours playing video games alone. There is an epidemic going on in the US school system where young people are completely disengaged with their schools and look elsewhere to feel connected. Our goal is to give students a feeling of ownership and connection to the schools that they are already in.

A student that is involved and feels like they belong somewhere in school will naturally perform better academically. Remember when you were on the football team? Or a part of drama club? If you wanted to stay, your grades needed to be well maintained. For a regular student not involved in extracurricular activities, they either perform well academically or don’t. But I can say this, if they are involved in the simple things such as attending sporting events, pep assemblies, book clubs and so on, their grades will naturally improve. This is because these students feel like they belong to something. When a student feels this way, they don’t just see their school as a school, they see it as my school. Students that are actively engaged in their school, develop a passion for what they are doing and grow to be better people in the future as well as the present.


2. We believe learning never stops.

As a leader in this sphere of education and someone who encourages learning, I am sure that you understand that learning should never stop, even at your level. There are a lot of things fighting for your attention. We hope that you have not forgotten what truly matters and that schools are there to best serve the STUDENTS. You do that as an individual by staying sharp and constantly learning so you can teach what you learn to the people around you. Please, do some research, read articles and blogs, know what the latest trends are. Focus on what would look best for STUDENTS, not yourselves.


  • 4 out of every 5 websites are almost left immediately due to poor design.

  • Smartphone users spend 89% of their usage on mobile apps.

  • Given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain.


Those are some statistics to be aware of on your continued journey of serving schools. It is important to keep up with the latest trends in culture and technology, and to apply those to education environments. As a company we may not be the biggest or best right now, but we are better than we were 6 months ago and 6 months from now we will be better than where we are today. That is because we believe learning never stops. We are constantly improving ourselves as individuals and as an organization to best serve the students that will shape our coming generations.


3. We believe that design matters.

Design is everything. Who wants to look at something with poor design? Who is going to consistently utilize a website or a mobile app with poor design? Before we even started this company, we did heavy research on others in the school market and saw a huge lack in design. Design is more than things that just look pretty, design is creating an experience with the end goal in mind.


Design in schools matters. Any software that a young person uses needs to be pleasing to their eye or else they will not be utilizing it.

“With more than 100 million active daily users and 400 million snaps sent every single day, Snapchat is the third most frequently used social media app among TEENS (after Facebook and Instagram).”

Why do so many teens actively use Snapchat? It’s useful, fun, easy to use, colorful and built with great design. 

Fonts such as Comic Sans are the culprits of disengaging content.

Something as seemingly simple as fonts is something that schools need to keep in mind when designing for students.  The reason we bring up design is because there is definitely room for improvement within the schools.

In conclusion, as much as we want to serve your schools and help your students get engaged, we are looking to work with people who believe what we believe.

That is:

  • Engaged students are growing students.

  • Learning never stops.

  • Design matters.

We want to help schools as much as we can and that starts with the things mentioned above. If you are a district administrator or a leader in the field of education and you share our vision, we would love to work with you.