How Schools Are Using Instagram For Student Engagement

Social media is becoming a place where all students can be found. It’s time for schools to meet students where they're at and that’s social media. There are schools that use social media such as Instagram and their results have been working very well. It has brought students closer to each other, as well as allowing students to be creative and take different approaches in photography.  

So why is incorporating Instagram into your school a necessity? Let me give you an example of a school that used Instagram and was met with significantly positive results. There is a page on Instagram called “Humans of New York” and their goal is to share someone's story. One school created a team that promoted the idea of sharing student stories, gathered willing participants, and after getting some background and a picture of that student, they posted it on Instagram where everyone can see it. The results of sharing these stories create an environment where all students can express themselves.

Another school took a different approach by letting the students run the Instagram. It gave the students an option to be creative with the pictures they take, and at certain times of the week, the photos that are chosen, get uploaded to the account’s page with a brief description about the student and who they are, or just something awesome that the student has accomplished. At the end of the week, one student is announced as “student of the week” and a picture of that student gets uploaded to Instagram, as well. In one area, students get the chance to express themselves and be rewarded for their photos, and It also gives them the opportunity to compete with each other, which consequently helps the student grow in their photography.


Who Needs Instagram?

Your school needs an Instagram. Student’s love seeing themselves being presented on any sort of social media. If you give the students the option to express themselves through photos and that same photo is later uploaded to Instagram, so that many other students and even parents can see it, it creates a culture where you are appreciated by others for your work. Creating a culture where kids who are not normally recognized can help with involvement, which is what successful schools must be all about. Yes, there is the curriculum part about academics, but if social media is where your student's attention is directed, then try meeting them there. If creating and implementing an Instagram account for your school can help just one student, then it's worth it.

When should you get Instagram?

Get it as soon as possible. The problem with schools these days is that they like to start things at the beginning of the school year and this is unfortunate for some students because if it’s their last year at that school, they won’t be able to try it out. Also, schools often take too long deciding if this feature is fit for their school, but the most important part of the scheme is staying current. Social media keeps us up to date and involved in things that are otherwise less attainable, and joining in while it's at its peak, is the best way to go about it. Plus, Instagram is free so there’s no reason to not get it. You don’t need to decide on something that has been proven to work at many different schools. Get Instagram As Soon As Possible.

Why do you need Instagram?

Your school needs Instagram because you'll be meeting the students where their attention is directed, which is their phone. If you want to change the culture of the school, you can’t continue using old methods. This is a new generation, one that is all about mobile apps. They say that ninety percent of people spend their time on mobile apps rather than Google Chrome or any other browser. If you get Instagram now, you can change many student body lives by guiding them in the right direction with the content you’re providing.


I get that school is a place for students to learn, but it's also a place where students can make friends and share experiences, which in result could help out someone else who's going through the same situation. Schools should utilize Instagram because it's meeting the student’s where their attention is directed and if it can impact just one student’s life then why not take that opportunity?

Edited by Morgan Nyren

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