The Importance of Communicating

Communicating is very important in a school’s infrastructure. It is important that all teachers and staff communicate with each other frequently so that everyone is always on the same page. Otherwise, when one teacher is out of the loop, that makes the rest of the teachers out of the loop as well. An example of this poor communication can be shown in a game of basketball; if one player is off and isn’t communicating with his fellow teammates then the team is going to be all over the place, which is definitely not ideal. Teachers must be well aware of what’s going on at the school, as well as solving problems together when they occur, rather than separately.

Many teachers go through similar situations and deal with similar problems, which can be fixed or even prevented with colleague communication. Studies show that 17% of new teachers quit their job within the first 5 years. While the reason is unknown, these teachers could have communicated with the rest of the staff about the problem which lead to their leaving. It’s tremendously important that all of the staff is aware of what’s going on as it may lead to many more jobs lost.

So what does a school need to do so that every teacher and staff member communicates with each other? It might be difficult for some faculty to come out of their comfort zones, but if someone tells them the negative effects that lack of communication and school unity may have on the school, there’s a chance that every teacher and staff member would be on board. It’s simple to just talk about doing it, but if you truly communicate with your fellow staff members then life would be much simpler. For example, let’s talk about volleyball. When a player doesn’t effectively communicate where they’ll be, what they are doing, or if they need assistance with getting the volleyball, they there’s a high chance that they’ll lose the point or even lose the game. Each player has its own role and when everyone communicates properly with a game plan and ways to reach their goal, then that team will be unstoppable.

Communicating is so simple but far too many people in charge at schools are choosing not to. The only way to run a business or project with multiple people is to effectively keep people updated and involved. This is why teachers and staff members need to communicate with each other about everything, whether it’s about other staff members, parents, or even students to overcome any situation. Words can go a long way and can change an outcome- communicate and make a difference!


Edited by Morgan Nyren 

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