Why Students Should Be Teaching Students

Ever since the educational system has been around, teachers have been teaching the students, and after a period of time, the students would be tested on what they know. It’s time for a change. I’m not saying to cut out the teachers because having a teacher is very important. What I am saying is that they should stop making the students simply learn then take a test on the material and instead, start having the students teach each other.

The reason that teachers know everything is because they go to school and learn to the point in which they can teach a classroom. What if students did that, but with the help of their teachers? The process of my proposition is that the teacher would explain everything to the students and then a certain period of time later, the students would have to teach each other the material. So instead of having pressure to take a test, the pressure is now on the student to be able to teach their classmates on the details of the curriculum.

It has been said that people learn better and recall more when they are expected to teach the material to someone else. For me, a personal experience was when I had to teach a fellow classmate in highschool how to do some problems in math class. The pressure was on me to help him out, but as a result, the process actually helped me out. When my friend asked me to tutor him on these specific sections in math, I told him I could, but later that day, when I looked at those problems I realized I didn’t really understand how to do them myself. For the next couple hours that day, I learned the material to the point to where I could teach it. I went over to my friends and taught him what I had learned, and when it came to the test, we both did great.

It has been proven that students need to be guided with different strategies for optimal learning. When the teacher tells those same students to prepare for the test, they don’t usually choose the best strategy for the best performance. If students are given a variety of strategies, they should first find the best one for them then be given the opportunity to teach fellow classmates and explain why this is the best strategy. There needs to be a step between being taught and tested where the students get the opportunity to teach one another.

One day I started to watch some videos on how some teachers incorporate their student’s in the classroom. What one fifth grade teacher does amazes me. She aimed to create an environment where the students engage in conversation with her supervision. For instance, the class is in the history part of that day, and they would read articles and stories and then afterwards, the entire class would engage in a conversation. The teacher then would ask a question and the class would have to distinguish the key points from the less important points to answer the question. To distinguish the points, there would be two students who would ask the class for some key points then the classroom would vote and see if they are really important. There are a lot of advantages of doing something like this, for example it develops the public speaking aspect of student’s at a young age. Forbes states that 70% say presentation skills are critical for career success, It helps with the development of a student as a whole, and usually in schools, this isn’t pushed onto the students enough.

Giving students the opportunity to teach should be implemented in every classroom. It allows students to be uncomfortable and really have to learn the curriculum to be able to teach fellow classmates. The pressure is on them and that pressure might be unfortunate and nerve-racking at first, but it will benefit them in the future.

Edited by Morgan Nyren

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