Why a High School App?

Some people say that the high school experience is the best few years of your life. The people who say that are the one's who were heavily engaged with their school. Our goal with serving high schools is to help as many possible students feel involved and connected with the help of our technology in their schools.

These are three key features that our high schools are currently using to help grow student engagement within their schools.

school app push notification.png

Push Notifications

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. - George Bernard Shaw

For your high school to communicate effectively with students, parents and the community you must reach people where they are at. Currently, in our society, that is with their mobile devices. Email open rates are at an all time low so the time is overdue for schools to innovate and engage their students where they are at. Students are loving well timed and scheduled push notifications you can see actual tweets of what they are saying here.

School Calendar

With the school calendar fully integrated into the app students, parents and staff no longer need to navigate an incoherent and outdated school website to find out when the next; drama club performance, football game, school board meeting or day off is. From our experience speaking with students when they have easy access to see when events and activities are going on it helps for students to stay engaged and connected with their school.

school calendar in phone.png

Student taking photo for app.jpg

Photo Uploading

The ability to upload photos allows for maximum student engagement and school pride generation. This allows for all students from all various groups to be seen. There have been photos from the swim team getting into a cold lake in the Winter time, to birthday shout outs from friends during lunchtime within our apps. The photos are all moderated and checked beforehand so there are no issues with inappropriate photos.

Download one of our live apps below

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In the above sections we list the sections and features we have that we believe are generally most important for the schools we serve. We also have much more features that are listed in the linked page below.