Longfellow Elementary School is one of the many schools A+ is serving around America.


Through A+, they were able to streamline a lot of their outbound communication and digital engagement needs into one entire mobile app for their school community. This eliminates the need to bother their community with many different forms of communication. Your school can do the same!


Push Notifications are instant messages you can send out to your school community within seconds. Use can use these for anything you want your community to quickly be informed about + they always drive more app engagement.

Did you know that push notifications boost app engagement by 88%?

This means a parent may decide to go check your calendar to see what events are coming up, read your weekly newsletter, check their child’s grades, or the many other features your app may have just from sending a valuable push notification. Awesome right?

School Calendar is a great way to give your parents or students easy access to upcoming events at your school. Have you ever encountered a time when not as many people came to an event your school was hosting that you thought would come? Perhaps they just weren’t aware? An easy to access school calendar that integrates directly with your current school calendar is a must have within your app!

In App Links are various links you can put within your app giving the app users easy access to various things. These usually include access to grades, lunch payments, registration forms and the many other things your school would want. Having these is extremely valuable because users have access to them within seconds instead of having to do the usual method of digging through your website to find these links they need to get to.