The Features of Our Apps

Every aspect of the following features within our apps is designed to drive student engagement and improve school communications.


  • Keep up with the latest events going on at your school.
  • Students and parents will stay updated and involved.
  • Add events to your personal calendar app to set reminders.
  • Sync with iCal, Google Calendar, and FB Events.
  • Create custom events with a title & description, picture and events details, map, content filters, itinerary action, call phone numbers, add to calendar

Push Notifications

  • A short message sent directly to your students mobile device.
  • Instant communication meeting students where they are.
  • Possible uses; event reminders, school delays, test reminders, lock-down alerts, etc.

SIS Integration

  • Internal connections to a platform to check grades.
  • Easy connection to systems such as Skyward.

  • Seamless connection to Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts.
  • Read only content for safety reasons.
  • Native in app connection with a beautiful user interface.

Social Media Integration

  • Multiple points on the map, such as schools in the same athletic league.
  • Able to add content to each location such as; description, media (photo/video), web site link, direct call, email, itinerary, connection to personal map application such as Google Maps or Apple Maps.
  • Great area to store primary contact info such as a phone number to the attendance office.


  • Be able to upload photos from sporting events, photography classes, school plays, etc.
  • Unlimited amount of photos to be uploaded with unique titles and descriptions.
  • Be able to create a collection of memories from multiple classes.
  • Show the school culture within the app.


  • Automatically connect a YouTube or Vimeo account so you upload in one place and it automatically connects to the app.
  • Upload videos up to 500mb in size with our CMS.
  • This is a place to share content from sports highlights to video announcements and anything in between.


School Newspaper

  • Automatically connect a Wordpress blog or RSS feed so you upload in one place and it automatically connects to the app.
  • Bring the school newspaper to mobile, allow the great content to be reached by students in a place they are used to reading.
  • With our CMS add infinite articles, redaction settings (author, status, etc.), full articles, content filters.
  • Multiple design and layout options.

  • Have pages with informative content such as; school maps, administrative information, content that is grade level specific, mission statements, etc.
  • Share bell schedules with students that may be coming on and off campus.
  • Connect student handbooks or other types of PDF files.

Information Pages

  • Allow easy communication with teachers/administration/counselors from students that would send to specified emails.
  • Do away with on paper voting for ASB elections and other voting events such as Prom, Homecoming, etc.

Forms and Polls

Wishing there was something else here or have any questions?

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