What is "The School App"?

Notify both parents and students about upcoming events, communicate your message better, share photos, experiences, improve your school's culture and so much more. We understand the importance of branding so we work closely with your school to include your logo and colors.  


high school app

High School Apps

Our vision with creating apps for high schools is to create a safe place where students can be involved in what is going on at the school. Also we seek to create a place of equity in which all students can been seen and share their school experiences. Learn more about the details of how we are currently serving high schools with custom mobile apps.

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Private School Apps

For private schools student engagement and experience is paramount. We make it a priority to understand the vision of every organization and see how we can accelerate and further that individual school's vision. It is important to build the brand of any organization that is consistently looking to attract new students and families.

More information coming soon.


Middle School Apps

Our vision with creating apps for middle schools is to create a place where student's as well as their parents are able to know what is going on at their school. We believe that schools want to create an environment where everyone understands what is happening and we make sure that we are able to satisfy those needs.


Elementary School APps

For elementary schools we understand that the app will mostly be used by parents. Communication is very important between staff and parents. It is very important that parents know what is happening inside the school and what is going on in the classrooms. We make it a priority to help the staff communicate with the parents through our app to help grow the school and always keep it safe.


Check Out This Video to Further Understand What The App Really Looks Like!

Full Feature List

In the above sections we list the sections and features we have that we believe are generally most important for the schools we serve. We also have much more features that are listed below.